B’Warmer Sideline Mitts

(Order # B3)

Developed for sideline warmth by B’Warmer on an idea and with input from NFL Equipment Managers. For use in a full range of cold weather conditions, from cool and wet to severe winter conditions, simply add a supplemental heat source, like a heat pack, to enhance the thermal performance of the Specialized Insulation.

  • contains a unique heat reflective insulation for superior warmth and comfort
  • keeps the forearm and hands warm
  • inside “palm” pocket holds air-activated or battery charged heat packs for added thermal performance
  • elastic wrist bands keep the warmth inside, yet loose enough for hand entry ease
  • thumbless and easy to use on either hand
  • glove hook keeps mitts together in pairs
  • black standard colors – stock (see color palette here) and custom colors available

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