B’Warmer Hand Dryer

(Order # B2)

Created by B’Warmer for cool and wet weather to torrential rain conditions (as the Colt’s and Bear’s experienced in 2007 during the rainiest Super Bowl ever) – the inside chamois material is made from a natural hide and by nature is designed to insulate and absorb.

  • inside chamois liner absorbs moisture in wet playing conditions or perspiration in heat
  • chamois towel hangs inside providing additional drying surface
  • water resistant outer fabric helps to keep the chamois dry
  • knit cuffs help keep rain and field debris from entering the pouch
  • reinforced adjustable waist strap with tear-away release mechanism
  • easy to use contoured release buckle for added comfort
  • black & white standard colors – stock (see color palette here) and custom colors available

Note: Bottom photo shows partial view of the chamois liner and hanging chamois towel.