B’Warmer Brand

B’Warmer remodeled the hand warmer muff, making it more compact, functional and “stylish” consistent with the trend in on-field apparel to less bulky, form fitted, high performance gear. Innovative functional features were introduced such as the zippered hang down inside pocket to hold “heat packs”, tear-away belt and knitted cuffs. Customization for team colors, logos and for specific player needs has always been a service offered by B’Warmer.

Together with these great features, the key to B’Warmer gear is the application of a Specialized Insulation unique to B’Warmer.  As described below, the thermal performance of the Specialized Insulation is unmatched in the market and is the reason that customers are loyal to the gear.

Standard colors: black, white, gray, purple, navy, maroon, red, royal blue & forest green

Specialized Insulation

B’Warmer® Hand Warmers and Sideline Mitts are made with a unique thermal insulating material that reflects the user’s own body heat, or source of heat like a “heat pack” provides more warmth and comfort than other insulators of comparable thickness.

Earth-Groove Brand

Earth-Groove has re-invented active wear to meet the demanding needs of high performing athletes such as ultra-marathoners and grid-iron warriors. Designed with special features and materials to provide maximum functionality and comfort, Earth-Groove supplies superior quality non-chafing gear made with flat seams and moisture-wicking, durable, easy maintenance fabrics. Earth-Groove gear comes in three fabric weights – light, medium and heavy – to meet the need for a range of thermal performance gear for variable weather conditions as demonstrated in the Thermal Performance Guide below.

Earth-Groove has in-house design capabilities that generates innovation and creative design, which also allows gear to be customized. Standard fabric colors are black and white – custom colors and fabric sublimation is also available on special order. These design features and customization attract customer loyalty to the gear.

Thermal Performance Guide

Earth-Groove gear is made in three fabric weights – light, medium and heavy. When combined with overall gear design features, these fabric weights provide superior thermal performance designed for cool to WARM, COOL to cold and COLD to very cold weather conditions.

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