Head 2 Toe Gear is a NEW venture offering a complete package of on-field thermal apparel to keep players in peak performance and comfortable for all weather conditions – from head to toe!

B’Warmer and Earth-Groove have teamed up to provide innovative, superior quality, durable and comfortable thermal performance gear designed and manufactured to meet the most severe on-field weather conditions and the demanding needs of players who need to perform at their best.  B’Warmer is a recognized brand, having supplied all teams in the NFL, CFL and over 100 colleges for over 20 years. Earth-Groove has been in business for over 8 years, and has got its “groove on” too, with newly established on-field placement with CFL and NFL teams.

Why H2T Gear?

Footballbaseballgolfathletics are just a few of the sports that the Head 2 Toe product line is designed to support. In a torrential rainstorm, during a frigid snowfall or when normal temperatures fluctuate to the extreme, you’ll want your team athletes comfortable and game ready to throw that winning touchdown, kick that closing field goal, bat in the final inning homer, confidently cup the ball or cross the finish line in the nick of time.  Head 2 Toe Gear, through its brands, B’Warmer and Earth-Groove, is up to this task in partnership with you.

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